Monday, October 1, 2012

Kirsten's Halloween Adventures

That cheap lady was going on another vacation! :( :( :( She left me a pretty Halloween costume, I guess. It was nice, but I felt just like Rapunzel in her tower. :(

But then, right before she left...I got an idea.


Hee hee.


  1. LOL Kirsten sure is crafty. NM that I'm very jealous of her dress ;)

  2. Kirsten, I love your dress! I recently saw Tangled, and it was pretty good. Of course, I'm a sucker for Disney Princesses. Have you seen Brave? Your friend Nellie should so get a Merida costume, even if her hair is on the short side. ;)

    Have fun on your trip! I hope you don't get caught being a stowaway. ;)


  3. Thank you, everyone! I saw the clips of Brave...I think Mini Kit likes her more. (Which makes me not want to like Merida. :P )

    Nellie is not stubborn or selfish at all...that's why she loves Giselle. :)

  4. Do you think that cheap lady is ever going to let me have my own Google account? :( --Kirsten

  5. I think getting your own Google account would be interesting, Kirsten. Your stowaway idea is also quite interesting....

  6. That Cheap Lady says Google is not ready for me. :P